Hi and welcome!

I'm Alina. I live in Barcelona with my husband, 1 dog,  several birds,  and tons of wool. 

I am passionate about almost any creative experience, from watercolour painting to candle making, but most of all, knitting, an activity I heartily recommend to all my friends as, you know, it is profoundly healthy for the mind and spirit.

I love simple garment design & natural colors. All of my creations are made with love, attention to detail and respect for nature. I try, as far as possible, to work with organic and ethical wools, chemically non-treated, from manufacturers who are guided by values of sustainability and who buy the wool at a fair price from the shepherds.

I'm hooked on designing patterns and share them with you. I think it is striking how much a set of neatly written instructions along with a few carefully drawn illustrations and some enlightening video tutorials when appropriate, can give us the boost to create something with our hands that we feel pleased to wear or give as a gift with illusion. 

What is most exciting to me is that my patterns can accompany you on the path to learning a new skill or tackling a project that simply brings you satisfaction and well-being. 

Happy making¡